Get Started with Jumpseller

In this section we will lay out some of the most relevant features of Jumpseller, along with content and links so you can make the most out of your Jumpseller store.

Jumpseller Support Center

On Jumpseller’s website you can find several articles that were created by the team so you can kickoff and learn about multiple topics and subjects such as Extensions, Marketing, Sales, Store, Advanced Settings and a lot more.

Jumpseller Learn page

You can also head to Jumpseller’s Learn page which contains several articles that aim to be a complete guide so you can run your Ecommerce business. There you will be able to find topics that go from Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Management, among others you might find quite useful.

Jumpseller Sales Channels

Jumpseller has been working very hard during the last years to offer and provide the most relevant and powerful integrations, so your store can connect with the most well-known and used platforms available today. Next we provide the links for the following sales channels:

Facebook Commerce

Reach more customers everyday, expand your audience and grow faster with Facebook. Read article

Google Commerce

Increase the traffic to your store and boost your sales by bringing targeted visitors. Read article


Connect your store with your Instagram account and start tagging products, create shoppable posts and Ads to increase your sales. Read article


Integrate your Whatsapp Business account so your customers can connect with you and you can increase your customer engagement. Send products options through messages, set automatic and create interactive messages. Read article

Jumpseller Webinars

Jumpseller consistently makes Webinars for their customers where they can interact with the team as well as with Jumpseller Partners. After each Webinar the videos are kept online so if you didn’t have the chance to attend, you can watch them as many times as you want.