Apparel Theme - Introduction

Apparel it’s the first theme published by Selgud and its focus is to provide a high-quality look for Clothing businesses that want to give a very complete and easy-to-use experience to its customers. Even when clothing is the focus, it was thought of, designed and developed with the necessary flexibility so it can be used by any sort of business.

About Apparel

Among its many features and advantages, the ones that stand out the most are the option to customize many -if not all- of the parts that compose it, such as all the colors of the theme, both generally and for each individual component and section, as well as the Fonts that the theme will use.

This has been done and applied so you can align your store completely with your brand and its design guidelines.

Next we leave a complete list of the first steps we think you should take to start setting up your store and customizing the theme, so it can look like the Demo Store, which we suggest you visit so you can get a close look at what you could achieve.

Set up the Navigation Menus

One of the first things to put your hands on should be to create the Categories and Pages of your store, as they will allow you to set up and understand the full structure of your website. For example you could create the following just for testing purposes or actually add the ones you will use:

Create two categories with subcategories inside, like:
  • Men (first level)
    • Pants (second level)
    • Hats (second level)
    • Accesories (second level)
  • Women (first level)
    • Pants (second level)
    • Shirts (second level)
    • Jackets (second level)
You could create the following pages which are often used:
  • About us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have already done that, you can go to the Navigation section of your store’s Administration Panel and start adding items to each one of the available menus. We leave next a few useful links so you can decide what to do first:

Jumpseller Navigation Menu article

Here you can find a full detail of how Navigation menus work in Jumpseller, what you can do and what you could achieve based on the available options.

Read article

Apparel Navigation documentation

Apparel comes with 5 available menus for you to customize. For this step the more relevant ones are the Main Menu, the Footer Menus and the Mobile Menu, and you can understand the context about how they work, what options they have and which benefits they can provide to your store by reading the following sections of the documentation: